Stream for 

The ultimate all-in-one order and menu management system for restaurants compatible with Clover.

Easy integration

In a matter of minutes, any Clover restaurant can sign themselves up for Stream entirely on their own and begin receiving 3 party orders directly to their POS. Removing the need for tablets

Full control

Stream provides Clover restaurants a single destination to do everything from increase prices on third-party channels, 86 items, change prep time, cancel orders, contact customers and more! Stream will even sync new items added to your Clover POS

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They made our life so much better, we were using Ordermark before and Stream is so much better... Stream is fully integrated with Clover! Prints right to the sticky printer for every order and the menu matches perfectly! I love how the photos sync across all 3rd party delivery apps. Stream is truly the best there is out there!

The Palm Coffee Bar