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Simplify your restaurant operations with Stream's complete Order and Menu management system - compatible with DoorDash!

Seamless Integration

With Stream Orders, connecting DoorDash to your POS system is incredibly easy. Say goodbye to the 10-day wait times and to those tablets. Stream's integration with DoorDash is instant!

Complete Control

With Stream, restaurant owners can manage their DoorDash orders directly from their POS dashboard. This integrated approach simplifies managing DoorDash orders, menus and prices, allowing for greater control.

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Prior to Stream, we were using Chowly and it was a constant struggle with menus not updating, prices being wrong, and dropped orders. Stream makes it incredibly easy to manage my menus across all of my locations. Orders go straight to my square POS and print to the kitchen. So user-friendly definitely would recommend it!

Falafel Hut