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NCR Aloha Essentials

NCR Aloha Essentials - now integrated with Stream! What if your entire restaurant ran like a well-oiled machine? If every single endpoint worked together to help you delight your guests, manage staff and equip your kitchen to send out perfect dish after perfect dish—whether ordered on or off-premise? And if you could use the cloud to tie every part of your operations together so you could run a tighter, easier restaurant business, boost same-store sales and compete? With NCR Aloha Essentials, you can.

Solution Features

Aloha Essentials is a robust Windows-based POS system for restaurants with complex operations, high transaction volumes, and growth. It offers extended support and over 250 integrations; its scalability makes it ideal for any size—from single locations to multi-establishment chains.

Enabling Restaurants

NCR Aloha combines cutting-edge software and hardware to deliver end-to-end restaurant management and POS solutions. Aiming to boost overall operational efficiency—from payments to food prep and delivery—it enables restaurants to refine operations and gain critical insights for decision-making.

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