Integrate your Square Point-of-Sale with DoorDash using Stream Orders

March 15, 2024

Connecting your Square Point of Sale with DoorDash has never been easier than with Stream Orders.

If you're a restaurant on Square, or a technology company that services Square-POS customers and interested in white-labeling our technology to make your own, Stream Orders is for you. There are many benefits associated with connecting your Square Point-of-Sale with DoorDash, some of which include:

1. Menu Management: Stream's centralized dashboard allows you to easily manage everything associated with your DoorDash menu

2. Automatic Menu Updates: Stream syncs your DoorDash Menu with your Square POS, so all menu updates made on Stream will automatically reflect on your Square POS.

3. Accurate Orders: Through Stream's direct integrations with DoorDash and Square, you can trust that all orders will be received on time with maximum accuracy.

4. No More Manual Entry of Orders: Stream automatically syncs all of your incoming DoorDash orders

Still not sold on utilizing Stream Orders to integrate your Square POS with DoorDash?

Did we mention ..

How easy it is to use Stream Orders?

Within only a few clicks and in under 30 minutes, you can begin receiving DoorDash orders and have your menu synced with your Square POS.

We've made this incredibly easy-to-use, but if you happen to need a bit of help, our dedicated team is always here to help.

Stream Orders offers the best pricing available in the industry, and covered within our low pricing is unlimited integrations!

If you are a Restaurant Technology company or Brand that is interested in seeing what Stream can do for you, please email us at or visit us at to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you!

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