Fast-Growing Dripos White Labels Stream to Bring Integration Solutions to Coffee Shops

May 10, 2024

We're excited to announce Stream's newest Partner - Dripos! What better way to get to know what the Dripos team has been up to than a quick Q&A with Co-founder & Co-CEO Jack Pawlik.

Hey Jack, could you tell us a little more about Dripos and where your business is today?

JP - Sure thing! Dripos is the only piece of software a Coffee Shop needs to operate their entire business and recently closed an $11M Series A led by Base10. Locations on Dripos grew 400% in 2023 and the product now powers Coffee Shops in 46 states across the country, processing hundreds of millions in annual payments. The platform offers specialized tools for Coffee Shops to enable POS and mobile payments, manage and pay their employees, offer loyalty and marketing automation, and power all admin needs like accounting, banking, and everything in between.

Very exciting. We're looking forward to being partnered and seeing what the next 12-months and beyond brings. Could you tell us what stood out about Stream's Order Aggregator and Menu Management solution to Dripos?

JP - Now more than ever it’s incredibly important for us to build tools for our customers to seamlessy accept orders anywhere a customer could order. When it comes to third party delivery, an operator can run into problems with their menu pricing not being synced up, inventory not updating, and so much more. Stream allows us to continue down the path for Dripos data being the source of truth by instantly updating menu changes to all connected third party apps. When those orders come in, we are able to route them the same way as all of our other orders and plug them into our inventory features.

Previously we had integrated with Chowly which attempted to offer similar features. However, we quickly realized that was not the correct place for us to be building as a platform as we had zero control over the onboarding process and product roadmap. Stream has been excellent since day one and is building with our engineering team in mind. We are excited for a continued long term partnership with their team!

Here's a recent quote from Nicki Bloomer, owner of Grace Coffee Co. who is using the Stream solution via the Dripos white-label:

NB - "Being a small business, it goes without saying how crucial it is to do everything in your power to drive revenue. For our business, that meant partnering with third party delivery companies to try and reach more customers without having to deal with the headache of delivery logistics. I have to say though, third party delivery came with its own set of obstacles. Staff struggled to keep track of third party orders, having to deal with a bunch of different devices to update inventory, track orders, contact customers, and organize pick ups. Not to mention, our POS system is all digital, and third party orders came through paper tickets which was not ideal.

Once Dripos informed us of their integration with third party delivery platforms, we immediately made the switch. The ability for us to sync our Dripos menu directly to third party delivery services and have those orders come right through our point of sale system has eliminated a massive pain point for our business. We've been able to ditch all of the extra tablets and printers, and really streamline our delivery business!

Last but certainly not least, arguably the most important thing for a small business, profit margins. After all, profit is what keeps the lights on. Typically, third party delivery platforms take anywhere up to a 30% commission from each order. Dripos offers the ability to mark up certain ticket types by a flat percentage, which has allowed us to continue offering delivery to our loyal customers, without crippling the business financially!"

Congrats on the new Series A! What does the rest of the year look like for Dripos?

JA - We wrapped up our Series A fundraise this April and over the next 12 months we are continuing to focus on product as well as continue our GTM motion.

For more information about Stream's Order and Menu API's, or to learn more about Stream's custom integration solutions for your business, please reach out to or visit us at

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