Stream Solution Performance and Reliability

May 22, 2024

Here at Stream we take pride in the reliability of the integrations, order aggregation, and menu management solutions we have built. As a restaurant, we understand how important it is to ensure that your online sales and orders are getting to where they need to go, on-time and accurately. We know how crucial it is to a business to make menu updates on the fly and have confidence knowing those will be reflected in real-time. Below we go through Stream's product reliability, performance measures, and safe-guards and how they have a positive impact on local restaurants, fast-growing brands, and restaurant technology companies.

For Restaurants

Real Time System directly integrated with 3rd-party channels. This means that your menus will be updated instantly and accurately with StreamOrders.com. What does this mean for your business? Errors are reduced and guest experience is increased.  Having a real-time system directly integrated with third-party channels ensures that your restaurant can quickly adapt to changing inventory or menu items, preventing the disappointment of guests ordering unavailable dishes. This integration also streamlines operations by reducing the need for manual updates across platforms, allowing your staff to focus more on delivering exceptional service. Additionally, it enhances the accuracy of order fulfillment, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Stream CTO Evan Whitten says the "Stream self-service platform doesn’t just streamline onboarding; it hands complete control of menus and order settings back to the restaurants, enabling them to execute real-time adjustments autonomously, without needing outside help."

99.8% order injection:  A common complaint in the 3rd party integrations business is dropped orders. With Stream, orders are rarely dropped, and when they are automated alerts with details are delivered. With StreamOrders.com, orders are seamlessly and accurately transferred into your restaurant's system in real time, reducing the chances of delays or miscommunication. This high success rate builds trust with customers, as they can rely on their orders being accurate and timely, enhancing their overall dining experience. Additionally, it reduces the time and resources spent on resolving order issues, allowing the restaurant to operate more efficiently and profitably.

Stream Diagram for POS

For Fast Growing Restaurant Brands and Restaurant Technology Companies:

The Stream Solution is built to scale. Our system can support large order volumes. As your business continues to grow, rather by number of locations or by customer demand,  a scalable system ensures that your order processing capabilities grow with you.  StreamOrders.com is built to handle increasing order volumes efficiently. The system is designed to support millions of orders, ensuring that scalability does not compromise performance. Even through surges such as holidays, weekends, and special promotions, a system that can handle these spikes without crashes or slowing down will ensure that the customer experience will remain consistent and reliable.

Evan Whitten, CTO, believes that "as Stream experiences significant growth, our infrastructure continues to deliver an order success rate that leads the industry, reliably managing large scale order volumes every month to maintain smooth operations."

Stream diagram for restaurant tech companies

For our White-Label Partners:

Integration and Compatibility Issues: Many hospitality tech providers struggle with integrating new systems with existing ones. Legacy systems, though outdated, are deeply embedded in operations, making transitions to new technologies difficult. With Stream, we've minimized the onboarding and menu building. New customers can be live-same day, especially with our major investment in the UI/UX of Stream has made it so simple for customers and reduces bottlenecks and wasted time.

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