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Stream Partners with Square to Bring Middleware Solutions to Mom-and-Pop Restaurants

August 22, 2022

Today, we're excited to announce our partnership with Square, one of the premier cloud-based POS brands available. The partnership brings Stream's Menu and Order Management solutions to life for any Square restaurant looking to simplify their online business. Stream's unique Middleware solution can be activated and live on a Square Restaurant's tablet in under an hour. Steam's mission is to simplify the work required to manage your online business, allowing you to get back to running your in-store business and providing the best customer experience available.

How it works

Within seconds Stream will read your Square POS to provide you with a fully customizable menu. From there you can: Increase prices across 3rd-party channels, edit items, categories, modifiers, etc., and publish those changes to 3rd-party order providers in real-time. In addition, all of your 3rd-party orders (Uber Eats, GrubHub, ChowNow etc…) will go straight to your Square POS and print a ticket for the kitchen. No more need for tablets and manual order entry into the POS.

Initial Square customers have expressed enthusiasm around Stream given the time and money saved each week processing manual orders, as well as how effortless it is to use Stream.

"It's exciting to see how Stream is putting the control over third-party orders back into the hands of restaurant owners. There isn't another platform on the market that allows restaurants to self-integrate their POS with minutes," said Stream Chief Product Officer, Marc Marras.

Contact if you're interested in what Stream's Order and Menu Management technology can do for you.

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