Integrate your Clover Point of Sale with DoorDash

February 21, 2024

If you are a restaurant using Clover, or a technology company that services Clover restaurants, this article is for you. Integrating DoorDash with your Clover POS will benefit your business in many ways, including:

1. Business efficiency - automatic menu updates from Clover to DoorDash

2. Streamlined Orders - no more manually entry of order

3. Order Accuracy - customers are less likely to order out-of-stock items

The easiest way to integrate DoorDash with your Clover Point of Sale is with Stream. Here are some of those Benefits:

1. Seamless Integration - With Stream, connecting DoorDash to your Clover POS system is not only a breeze, it's instant. Say goodbye to 10-day waiting times for the integration to be completed.

2. Unlimited Integrations: With Stream, you can connect any 3rd-party Online Ordering or Delivery Prodiver you utilize to your Clover POS

3. Enhanced Operational Efficiency: By eliminating the need for manual order entry, Stream frees up valuable time for restaurant staff to focus on other essential tasks

4. Comprehensive Functionality: Stream offers a comprehensive suite of features that go beyond simple order integration.

5. Centralized Management: With Stream, restaurant owners can manage their DoorDash orders directly from their Clover dashboard. This centralized approach simplifies order management, allowing for greater control and oversight.

6. Cost-Effective Solution: Unlike some integrators that charge hefty monthly fees, Stream offers a cost-effective solution for restaurants of all sizes.

If you are a Clover restaurant that is interested in integrating directly with DoorDash, or a technology company that services restaurants and want to offer this product to your customers via Stream's White-label, please reach out!

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